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About me

With more than 18 years of professional experience as a psychologist, I currently work in my own private practice located in Marbella, a Health Center Accredited by the Ministry of Health and Families. My psychological method of high cognitive performance,
behavioral and emotional CBT+Emotions has been shown to be effective.

People with high intellectual capacity have learned to recognize and extol their innate abilities thanks to the therapeutic sessions that I offer. I have also helped extraordinary national and international talents at an artistic, business and/or sports level to improve their personal performance and self-efficacy.

Lastly, people with psychological difficulties have found in my office a place where they can overcome their dysfunctional patterns in a few sessions. With my experience and skills, I can make high performance psychology available to people who are really looking to improve their cognitive and behavioral capacity, emotional intelligence, self-esteem, and inter and intrapersonal strategies, with the aim of achieving personal self-improvement. 

How can I help you?

It is important to remember that we all have the potential to develop our own abilities and talents.

Extraordinary Talents

Successful businessmen, renowned artists and elite athletes have improved their cognitive, behavioral and relational repertoire after therapeutic sessions, increasing their personal and professional performance and self-efficacy.

High Intellectual Capacity

Intellectual giftedness may sound like a privilege, but if it is not detected early, it can have psychological consequences for the person who possesses it.

My therapeutic sessions

Sensitivity, empathy and involvement with my patients characterize my therapeutic sessions, creating a high-performance work environment in which we look for the most suitable solution to each proposed problem from the first consultation.

It is a direct, dynamic therapeutic model with a high psychological impact, which has inspired children and adults of different nationalities. An active self-improvement system that will take you out of your comfort zone and suffering in a few sessions and will take you to a new level of comprehension and understanding of your dysfunctional patterns.

It is a way of practicing psychology from a different approach. A high-level professional practice loaded with positive solutions and the involvement of the patient himself in his recovery.

It is a way of practicing psychology from a different approach, since it combines cognitive, behavioral and emotional patterns. A high-level professional practice loaded with positive solutions and involvement of the patient himself in his recovery, for this the patient is required:

– behavioral commitment to therapy.

– follow the guidelines established in session.

– punctuality in all scheduled appointments.

– Maximum respect towards the healthcare professional.

Exclusive sessions designed for you individually, since I start from the assumption that we are all special and unique, facing personal, relational and/or professional problems in a different way.
After therapy, your life will not be the same, because you will have become the owner of it.  

Child and youth therapies

Adult therapies

Reservation of Psychology Sessions in Marbella

Booking psychology sessions in Marbella is an effective way to improve your emotional and psychological well-being. In my practice, I offer a wide range of personalized therapies to meet the individual needs of each of my patients. From treating anxiety disorders and depression to overcoming dysfunctional patterns and increasing self-esteem, my goal is to help you achieve your personal goals. By booking a psychology session in Marbella, you can obtain practical tools to manage your emotions, improve your relationships and develop greater emotional well-being. Do not hesitate to contact me to schedule your next session and start your path towards a fuller and more satisfying life.

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