In our report on the most wanted #diseases we already told you that #anxiety is the queen of search engines in most of Spain. We have asked the #psychologist Laura Sánchez Martínez, from the Doctoralia family, about this fact and this is what she has told us:

«According to my latest study, the prevalence of anxiety has grown in recent years, reaching 5.7% in children/youth and 12.93% in adults.

➡️Normally it arises in #childhood (before the age of 18) and can become chronic if not treated properly, so I recommend carrying out a thorough and individualized evaluation of the slightest #symptom and learning cognitive-behavioral techniques that have proven to be effective.

Anxiety is closely linked to irrational fear (distinguishing from real fear), generating persistent autonomic psychophysiological activation for months in situations that would be daily, easy and normalized, an excessive anticipatory response, preparation of the person for avoidance/flight behavior and associated negative/self-limiting beliefs. #procrastination and non-confrontation of day-to-day situations are common.

💡What I recommend when faced with anxiety is: identify somatic symptoms and seek professional help, do not run away from irrational fear (without logical basis), take a deep breath, abandon excess responsibilities, meet simple goals, dedicate an hour a day to activities pleasant, surround yourself with people who enrich you, set healthy boundaries for others, laugh, perform #moderate exercise, eat healthy and take care of your sleep hygiene.”

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