Good ideas are nothing without actions… they remain ideas, floating in our mind, and we keep on feeding them, with no results.

Many of us –the majority of us- have a goal in life: a place where we would like to be, a situation we want to happen, a status we want to reach, a job we want to grab, a talent we want to develop. Consciously or not, we fiddle around with the idea, but don’t make a move. We surely do in our mind, we make progresses in our imaginary project, but we don’t act, we don’t make it happen.

We constantly say: if only I were… If I had what I need… If I had more self-belief… if only the situation finally turned to my advantage… If I knew the right people… If I was healthier… If I had the money to invest… If I were more skilled… and so on, a long list of excuses that just keep us in the same situation. Those thoughts are restraining, they carry a great burden of suffering, they make us feel helpless, frustrated and simply stuck. We feed the pain because of the “craving” feeling that’s in it.

What I suggest is different. It’s good to think of it, it’s good to feel it… but there is no way to achieve it if you don’t take action.

-DISCIPLINE: there is no “tomorrow”, there is no “later”, there is no “perfect circumstance”. It’s right here, right now! I have to straighten out, step by step, everything that’s in my mind already. No putting off, no excuses, no fears.

-PASSION/ENTHUSIASM: it’s the “arousal”, the inner stimulation to reach objectives. Keeping your motivation high is the key.

-BEST PERFORMANCE: I give my best all along the process. I won’t conform, I won’t accommodate, I won’t be standard… I do it fully, according to my skills and my state of mind. I do it as best as I can, step by step. If I don’t succeed, I go and learn how to do it, I ask for professional help. 

-DETERMINATION: without it, we would be giving up when faced with any fear or obstacle. It’s essential to hold on and keep going, with bravery and maturity, learning from our own mistakes.

The time is now. While you are thinking of how to do it, other people have already started doing it. It’s not about competing with them. It’s a challenge with yourself. You will feel mental limits arise, fears will try to stop you, other people will say there is no point in trying, but it will all and only depend on you. Transform your ideas into actions and get what you want! 

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